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Mercury2 Standard ECU/TCU/TXW standalone


This is to connect your Spitronics Controller to the Laptop or Desktop PC
For example, a 2JZ-GTE will make use of a 36-2 Crank gear. C20XE will be 60-2. SR20 will be Nissan 4 Cyl.
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Just the ECU, and maybe a sticker. if we have.

Just the ECU/TCU/TXW Controller allocated to STANDARD, the reason for this is that you can change the Unit’s purpose with the firmware that you load into it. The Unit however is locked to the specific allocation you paid for, this can also be changed by doing an upgrade on the Unit to a higher allocation. But, the main idea is that you don’t pay more than intended for your needs. For instance, if the Engine you decided to use in your project vehicle only needs a Standard Allocated Unit that is what you pay for.

For instance, you can buy a Standard Allocated Unit but won’t be able to load in Firmware that is Intermediate/Advance or Ultimate. These Unit allocations cater to specific engine setups, depending on how you are running your Engine, Automatic Gearbox, or Drive-by-wire.

The Mercury 2 Controller needs a Firmware Programmer to change the Firmware on the Unit, If you are situated close to our Main office or dispatch points we will offer free firmware changes on the unit for the first 2 years.

In the gallery, there will be a list to help select the right allocation for the Controller you need.

All the Technical Specs are also listed in the gallery.

But if in doubt rather phone or email us to help to pick the right controller.


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